EasyEtch Concrete Etcher
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EasyEtch Concrete Etcher & pH Reducer

Owing to the many benefits associated with it, people have been using RadonSeal EasyEtch Concrete Etcher for many years. And after looking at its excellent qualities, it’s no wonder why people trust the pH reducer wholeheartedly. It’s safe to use, ready to apply, and gets the job done without wasting a lot of time or energy.

Say Goodbye to Removing Concrete Sealer with Muriatic Acid

If you’ve spent some time in the industry, then you must know how unsafe it is to use concrete etcher. Especially the ones that have muriatic acid concrete. Although they do an adequate job, they also post various health and environmental risks. That’s where RadonSeal EasyEtch Concrete Etcher differs from the rest. Without the addition of any harmful acids, it is excellent to use.

Instead of using a hazardous acid, the alkalinity reducer consists of organic citric acid. This quality makes RadonSeal EasyEtch Concrete Etcher convenient to ship to other places. Unlike other concrete etchers, you won’t need to send it in small containers.

Often people are worried about going through a tiring acid etching concrete process. But with RadonSeal EasyEtch Concrete Etcher, that won’t be the case since it’s ready to apply.

With RadonSeal EasyEtch Concrete Etcher’s help, you can eliminate the outdated and risky method of removing concrete sealer with muriatic acid.


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