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May 10, 2022
Pigments for Concrete | Dye Over Blender WB®
November 15, 2022

Pigments for Concrete | Acid Stain


BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® is a stain that provides complexion and adjustments the bodily look of the concrete on horizontal and vertical surfaces as it acts with chemical reactions without regulation and physical characteristics.

BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® will deliver color to the concrete surfaces, complement their rustic look, and create extraordinary consequences over the concrete.

Primary use: it’s for any cementitious floor like floors, walls, columns, concrete furniture, again plashes, and bathrooms. Apply interior and outer regions with caution.

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FEATURES AND BENEFITS BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® is a monetary desire to extrude the coloring and the advent of the concrete, and it leaves the herbal stones to look just like marble and granite.

− It may be utilized creatively, giving the concrete a one-of-a-kind conception.
− It may be utilized by non-expert hands.
− It may be created geometrical shapes, letters, numbers, etc.
− BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® penetrates the concrete floor, so it achieves a lasting color that may be decreased with the herbal put on of the concrete if it isn’t always covered with sealers, densifiers, hardeners, or waxes. Blender Group ® gives you the right product to care for those floors.

PRESENTATION AND PERFORMANCE BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® is provided in plastic containers. One gal (3. eight Lt) of the product will cover around 430 ft2 (forty m2) for every layer. Dilution can extrude; it could be 1:1 or greater depending at the preferred intensity.


Preparation of the concrete must be clean and sound and free of dust, sealers, maquillages, coatings, grease, or other foreign components. However, if necessary, use mechanical treatments to open porosity and remove pollutants.

Operation Apply BLENDER NATURAL STAIN ® over the concrete face. Depending on the concrete porosity can be used to encounter a sponger or sprayer with plastic implements. However, it can apply an alternate subcaste to get a specific appearance if necessary. It would be best to allow each fleece to dry for 24 hours.

Drawing Once the last operation has dried, wash all the remainder and mariners with a soft encounter and water or a damp mop.

Neutralization To neutralize the face, blend 18 oz( 500 gr) of incinerating soda pop into a coliseum with five girls (18.9 Lt) of water, and apply this result in the clean face with a soft encounter or with a mop without leaving billabongs.

Sealing Once the face is fully dry and to extend the useful life of the BLENDER NATURAL STAIN ®, seal the look with one of the Blender line BLENDER SEAL ACRYL sealers ® 30 or BLENDER SEAL ACRYL ® WB.

Weight 8.44 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 7 × 7.5 in


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