Waterproofing ICFs with Basecrete Waterproofing Kit

Waterproofing an ICF structure is very different from standard concrete construction. While it is important to place a barrier between the elements and the interior of the home, the nature of that barrier is much more important when working with ICFs. Due to the nature of EPS foam and its susceptibility to solvents, only water-based materials should be used. Before backfilling the foundation wall with soil cover the basecrete with a min. half inch protection board or a dimple drainage mat.

Basecrete is a good choice for your ICF waterproofing requirements Basecrete is a high performance, industry leading flexible waterproofing membrane and bond coat. A proprietary blend of polymers and specialized content providing unmatched strength and adhesion, yet remaining flexible to absorb movement in your ICF foundation structure. Please see the drawing below and methods of application

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