RadonSeal Standard & RadonSeal Plus Concrete Sealers
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RadonSeal Concrete Sealers

RadonSeal deep-penetrating concrete sealer is being used since the late 1990s. It’s the leading penetrating concrete sealer to preserve and protect commercial and residential concrete and concrete blocks.

Say Goodbye to Damp Surfaces

RadonSeal is used for strengthening, waterproofing poured concrete, heavyweight concrete blocks, limestone, grout, and other cementitious building materials. As a clear, waterborne, and reactive concrete basement floor sealer, RadonSeal seals concrete pores and capillaries against water and water vapor. Besides reducing basement moisture and damp proofs concrete, it also reduces radon gas level and soil gas intrusion.

Unlike most concrete floor sealers sold in stores and clear coatings marketed towards enhancing surface appearance, RadonSeal is not a membrane of clear coating sealant. It strengthens and hardens indoor and outdoor concrete against cracking, freeze-thaw, dusting, efflorescence, and deicing chemicals. The added benefits include not altering the concrete surface’s appearance or leaving a glossy coating behind, nor changing the concrete’s surface friction.

The unique characteristics mentioned above make RadonSeal the best radon concrete sealer before applying concrete paint, clear sealants, floor coatings, concrete levelers, floating slabs, wood floors, and adhesive.

RadonSeal is the only concrete efflorescence sealer that gives a lifetime money-back guarantee.


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