Basecrete Repair Kit
March 26, 2021
Basecrete Fibermesh Reinforcing Fiberglass Mesh 4.5oz (4 inch roll)
Basecrete Fibermesh
May 7, 2021

Basecrete Flexible Waterproofing Bondcoat Kit


Basecrete waterproof bondcoat with exceptional adhesive qualities. Waterproof polymer cement for use in concrete repairs. For use in swimming pools, roofs, terraces, foundations, cellars, decks, etc. Adheres directly to the substrate. No primer/bondcoat required.

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Basecrete Liquid

5.0 Gal – 3 Bags, 1.75 Gal – 1 Bag

Basecrete Compound

50lb Bag – Grey Compound, 50lb Bag – White Compound, 50lb Bag – Black Compound


Basecrete is a waterproofing bond coat / underlayment / micro topping for use in all applications where a solid and durable waterproof barrier is required. Basecrete will adhere to most surfaces, is resistant to most chemicals and corrosive agents, and can withstand a high degree of movement while maintaining its integrity. Basecrete is a liquid and compound mix design available in 1 & 5-gallon pails and 50lb bags. Basecrete is job site-ready.

2.1 Waterproofing applications
Waterproof bond coat pool decks cisterns & water reservoirs suspended pools underlayment planters catwalks & walkways commercial pools micro topping scratch coat break walls residential pools stucco crack repairs parking garages water features barn foundations fishponds aquatic enclosures suspended decks icf & eifs manholesi wildlife watering ponds bylands, docks, piers

***Use with Basecrete Plus (concrete densifier) for complete waterproofing system in swimming pools, spas, fountains and other wet area applications***

A. Tool BaseCrete can be applied by Trowel, Roller, Paintbrush, Squeegee or Spray
B. Thickness Apply BaseCrete in two (2) layers, one vertically, one horizontally. Each layer should be 1/16” thick for a total of 1/8” thickness to achieve a waterproof bond coat. The second layer can be applied once the first layer is dry such that you cannot push your thumbnail into it.
C. Special Applications BaseCrete can be built up in 2” increments and feather-edged.
D. Horizontal Applications On large Horizontal applications it is possible to apply 1/8” thickness in one pass. It is also possible to trowel 1/8th inch vertically in one pass.

Coverage is approximate for one coat. Slump can be adjusted to accommodate specific job requirements by adjusting the liquid or the compound – do not add water to the mix.
A. Trowel…1 gallon & 1 x 50lb bag = 20 – 25 sq ft @ 1/16” – 40 – 50sq ft @ 1/8”
B. Roller…5gallons&3x50lbbags=450-500sqft@ 1/16” – 225 – 250 @ 1/8”
C. Squeegee… 5 gallons & 3x 50lb bags = 450-500 sq ft @1/16” – 225 – 250 @ 1/8”
D. Spray…5gallons&3x50lbbags=400-500sqft@1/16” – 225 – 250 @ 1/8”

A. Initial inspection Inspect job site. Determine if any previous material used is incompatible with BaseCrete.
B. Preparing Site Remove all previous material and any loose debris. Check and repair any cracks or voids with BaseCrete repair mortar. Once the site is clean and clear of any old material, loose debris, cracks, etc. pressure wash for final preparation. Protect adjacent areas to prevent material from going beyond the designated site.
C. Substrate surface preparation Begin with an SSD (Saturated Surface Dry) substrate that is clearly damp below the immediate surface, has no standing water, and has a surface that is showing no signs of a “film” of water on the surface. Ideally the concrete will be clearly damp (typically much darker than dry concrete) but the surface will have no water present and will be showing “signs” of drying.

A. Product limitations
Do not allow BaseCrete to freeze or overheat
B. Site temperature:
Do not apply BaseCrete to the frozen substrate or in conditions hotter than 105 degrees or colder than 40degrees.
Check local weather for temperature variations, precipitation, etc that will affect your application.

Mix on-site using 5-gallon pails and paddle mixer. Blend product according to manufacturer’s instructions on the product label. Keep product out of the direct sun. Allow product to false set (approximately 3 minutes) and remix. Pot life is approximately 30 minutes depending on the temperature and humidity. Use mix ratio depending on application method.
A. Special Note:
Use BaseCrete liquid to change the consistency of the mix.
Do not add water to the mix.

B. Clean up after mixing.
Clean all tools and spills immediately with clean water.

Use BaseCrete Mesh to build rounded coves in corners on all cold joints. Build up with BaseCrete mix.
Use BaseCrete Mesh to fill in and bridge cracks.

Keep BaseCrete products off the ground. Keep dry and out of direct sun/heat/cold.

We recommend a BaseCreteRepresentative attend initial applications.


A. IMPACT STRENGTH 19 lbs / 8.6 kg
B. COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH 7050 psi / 48.61 MPa
C. TENSILE STRENGTH 732 psi / 5.05MPa
D. FLEXURAL STRENGTH 2380psi / 16.41 MPa
Concrete : 1372 psi / 9.46 MPa
Steel: 1144psi/7.89MPa
F. SHEAR BOND ADHESION 720 psi / 4.96 MPa
G. ASTME96–Vaportransmission
H. ASTM C321 –BondStrength
I. ASTMC672–Freeze-Thaw
J. ASTM d4541.02 –Pull-Off Test


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